Movie Credits:

The following credits have to do with mainstream costume work and are not in chronological order. I’ve also included a few film titles of shows I worked on but for which I didn’t receive screen credits (as wardrobe crew, who in the old days didn’t receive screen credits). These shows reflect my forty years of experience. Other screen experience is chronicled in the ‘Low Budget’ section.

COSTUME DESIGNER: ‘Gods and Generals’, ‘Goonies’, ‘The Wind and the Lion’, ‘Man Called Horse II’, ‘Rambo III’, ‘Island of Doctor Moreau’, ‘Stolen Women’, ‘Shaughnessy’, ‘Geronimo’, ‘Crazy Horse’, ‘Tecumseh’, ‘Broken Chain’, ‘Army of One’, ‘Hounds of Hell’, ‘Stitches’, ‘the Legend of Two Path’, ‘Hawken’, ‘Indians’, ‘New World (sketches and pre-production only, no credit)’.

COSTUME SUPERVISOR: 'Marco Polo', 'Reds', 'Baby Blue Marine', 'Hanoi Hilton', 'Curse of the Pink Panther', 'Kiss Me Goodbye', 'W.W. and the Dixie Dance kings',  'Miracle in the Wilderness', 'Rumor of War'.

COSTUME KEY: 'Medal of Honor', '12 Strong'.

COSTUME SET PERSON: ‘Little Big Man’, ‘Tora Tora Tora’, ‘Culpepper Cattle Company’, , ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, ‘M.A.S.H.’, ‘Emperor of the North’, ‘Batman (T.V.)’, ‘Hello Dolly’, ‘Dillinger’, ‘When the Legends Die’, Electric Horseman’, ‘Planet of the Apes’, Che’.

TECHNICAL ADVISOR: ‘Last of the Mohicans’, ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Pacific’.

‘The Mask of Zorro’- Property Master/Costume Advisor.

Film locations included:
Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, England, Austria, Australia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia , California, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Montana, South Dakota, New York, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, Hawaii, Alaska.

See also page at IMDb.

Low Budget Production

Here I’ve listed some of my motion picture related education and production experience, generally not mainstream and geared more to low budget production.

Film school – Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.
Screen Writing, Film Production – U.C.L.A., U.S.C. extension courses.


The company dates to 1981. As an independent Art Department for Costume, Set and Property needs I’ve serviced many film and television productions with design and construction of all types; including: 1000 uniforms for ‘Red Dawn’.


Springboard Studios:

In the early 80’s I wanted to try another business and so developed a sound stage rental facility, Springboard Studios, in the San Fernando Valley. The idea was a good one but we were under capitalized and unable to secure a space with sufficient growth potential, so, after about four years of hosting small productions of all sorts we sold the facility. In those four years of operation I was the day-to-day rental facilities manager. We offered a ‘full-service’ package to low budget filmmakers. Our clients were usually music video or commercial companies, or sometimes production companies making low budget features. Once we found the client, I would/could act in any of the following roles: Producer, Writer, Director, Production Designer, or Set Construction Supervisor. Once shooting started I sometimes became first A.D., on set Decorator, and/or Gaffer/Grip.

I was able to have a lot of fun and enjoy a lot of experiences that I could never get at a major studio. It gave me a real feel for Low Budget Production and what it takes at that level to be successful. I still enjoy it and look forward to more work in that arena.

At one point I worked with a loan broker reviewing film packages submitted to him for funding. This experience was very instructive—I was exposed to many types of film business models and saw, first hand, why some potentially good projects, presented badly, never make it past business savvy scrutiny.

Film Producer:
‘Jezebel’s Kiss’ - This was a $1M outing (RCA/Columbia) (I also did double duty as Production Designer),
“Police Shootings’ – Industrial,
I also produced several low budget shoots at Springboard Studios.

‘Campus Hustle’ - We shot this in 5 days for $35,000 – it got a U.S.A. cable release.
‘Legend of Liana’ – independent pilot,
‘Police Shootings’ – Industrial,

Several screen plays, four optioned, no sales. I am not a W.G.A. member. I enjoy writing and am good at it, while I have writing programs on my computer I still prefer to work with paper notes and 3x5 cards.

I have studied screen writing at ‘Rick Pamplin’s Writer Workshop’, U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. extension courses and I’ve read hundreds of scripts; many of them major feature fare, and have the added experience of seeing how things glossed over in a screenplay and/or production meetings play out in production, sometimes with sever budget implications.

With that in mind, I’m happy to read and review screenplays, and have done so for many aspiring screen writers.

Always fascinated by the sets I encountered on Major lots, I couldn’t wait to build something myself. I love the process, a combination of business organization, artistic vision, architectural knowledge and craftsmanship, starting with nothing and creating something amazing. Now, enhanced with new digital technology, anything is possible.

Credits include:
‘Gladiator’ (MOW),
‘the Giant of Thunder Mountain’, ‘Desire’, (low budget indies.)
30+ commercials and music videos.

My production and set experience, along with my background in illustration, enabled me to understand the principles of storyboard art, and I enjoyed doing storyboards for many commercials and various film projects.