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A Great Book Now Better!

New Second Edition, Expanded and Updated, due for January of 2010!

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I was working as a Costume Designer, shooting in Winston-Salem N.C. on a state sponsored national park film about Native Americans when the Producer, Sam Grog, and I fell into conversation about the difference in stage and film requirements for the wardrobe department. He expressed surprise that his school in Winston-Salem, which was a state-of-the-art film school, had so much trouble putting theater trained costumers on film productions. I explained that the job, while similar in that they both required costumes, were very different in the requirements of use. Some time later, Mister Grog left his position as dean of the film school and took over as head of A.F.I.; while there, Michael Wiese Productions, the publishers of many books on the subject of film making, asked Mr. Grog to recommend someone who could write a book on costuming for film, aimed at college level students. Mister Grog kindly remembered our conversations and recommended me to them.

I was contacted by the publishers and agreed to try and write such a book. I researched the market and found that while there were many books on costume design, none of them addressed the day-to-day job requirements in the film industry.

I started by calling on my thirty-five odd years experience in the costume department as both Supervisor and Designer to write a stage-by-stage job manual.

Now, some years later, I have had a lot of feed back and am writing a second addition, adding much new information and re-structuring the book to make the information easier to find.

I am very gratified that over the years Iíve been contacted by several students who have read the book and have enjoyed job success because of it, and their own hard work.

There are links below to purchase this book and I am always available to students as a consultant.

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